DVI to DLP Projector lead length?

This is my first post here so I hope you can help. :bow:

I have a PC with DVI-D output and want to connect it to my DLP Projector. Unfortunately, they live in seperate rooms!. - Can’t drill walls as rented house :sad: Have to run cable out of room along hallway into lounge. Length of run approx is GULP 15M

So… I was wondering what is the maximum length of cable you would advise to maimtain a good quality so as not to compromise the benefit of sending a digital signal to the projector.

Thanx for any suggestions…

I just looked that up (google) a few days ago for the same issue. Seems like “it depends” on the cable and the units involved. Check New.egg and they don’t sell cables over about 16 feet if memory servers. I kept reading and think 15 feet might be the normal max without going with repeaters and there was a wireless solution out there for bigger bucks.

What amazes me is that I get the signal from 15 miles away thru coax and then cant go 20 feet from my computer to the tv!!! AND THAT reminds me, think I read that the dvi standard was in fact developed for coax cable and the marketing guys/drma guys just slopped it onto the dvi/hdmi connectors and basically it doesn’t work for long distances. I still haven’t figured out if/how firewire or ethernet might be an answer.

Post back if you find an answer so I don’t have to buy a second computer to put next to my dlp! (Smile!) /// bobbo.

Ethernet, wireless or wired, would be the best choice, but will require an ethernet-capable box at the TV end. There are a few Ethernet-capable DVD players/recorders around, but mostly they just play certain file types off the PC.

The wireless video/audio gizmos I’ve seen around are pretty low-quality and composite video only.

I’d avoid anything that runs on the 2.4 GHz band, too much interferance.

You’re right–with your comment I recall all the units I saw were composite (low defintion analogue signals.) I’m surprised it is this way what with high def being used for “home theaters” implying longer distances involved. Maybe this was the “home installers employers act?”

THanx for the help folks.

I found that the longest length cable I could find was 10 meters (up to £29 depending on plug type terminating it) so too short for me. I did see some mains driven repeaters but this adds to the cost.
The projector with an addon can take Ethernet (only wireless) but I guess the bandwidth would be to narrow for full spec DVD files. Again its all hardware and cost.

I would use served X.264 (H.264) from MPC if I could get the signal there as this would cut the bandwidth usage.

Could connect to an analog video sender but that defeats the object of the exercise!

Guess Ill stick to the DVD & component for the moment. It does P**s me off when technology stops you doing what technology allows you to do ! :frowning: