DVI-I to Hdmi on HDTV?


Ive just got round to purchasing an HDMI cable to enable me to view streams etc on my HDTV.
On the back of my PC is a DVI-I port so I bought a DVI-I to HDMI adaptor which slots into the back of my PC, then I simply bought an HDMI cable to run from the adaptor to the back of my TV.
I plugged them in and went to the correct channel/source (e.g DVD, PC, AV) in this case DVI/HDMI.
On my TV screen I get the screensaver/wallpaper screen but when go on the internet it shows up on my PC screen but nothing changes on TV screen.

As its my first time doing this known my luck all I have to do is press a button or something,
is there anything ive missed or forgot to do…thanks

EDIT: Solved the problem on how to view internet on TV. Now I have the problem of no sound, is there a way of getting sound other than buying a graphics card with a HDMI port?

What do you have for audio options out on your PC?

The first one that come to mind would be mini plug to RCA.



What model TV? My Vizio has a separate audio in for one of its HDMI inputs to use with DVI. Some do, some don’t. You might also be able to use VGA input, if your TV has one. Those usually have an audio input with them. It all comes down to the make and model of the TV.

Judging by the specs I assume I have the option of both VGA and RCA…I think:confused:


As I am fairly knew to this and if my assumptions are correct, what would be the best option for me regarding sound quality, simplicity and cost?

Any info much appreciated…thanks

If this is the panel on the back of your TV (and according to http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/200904/20090404131315328/BN68-01893J_00Eng_0331.pdf it is) plug your DVI adqapted cord into HDMI 1 and the audio into the ‘PC/DVI Audio in’ next to it.

Thats the one olyteddy :iagree:

Sorry for my lack of knowledge but what audio cable will I need?

Male stereo mini plug to RCA.


Male stereo mini plug to male stereo mini plug.