DVDz Freezing/Skipping

i realize this question has probably been asked a million times here, but oh well…this makes a million +1 i guess : )

I always keep the software updated, but have never changed any of the default settings in CloneDVD/AnyDVD

Firmware Version: US0S

Burn Speed:
When i first started, i burned movies at max speed but every one of them skipped - dropped my speed down to 2-2.4x in clonedvd and have not had any problems since…until now

Media / Results:
Memorex 8x - DVD+R - 4.7GB - 120 min.
Used these forever without any problems (burning at 2-2.4x in clonedvd)…but recently have been producing DVDz that skip/freeze anywhere from 1 hour in to 1 hour 20 min. into playing…Sometimes it skips/freezes and hangs for a second, then continues…other times it freezes up entirely and won’t resume

after having this problem more than once, I recently tried the following alternative media:

Memorex DVD-R 8x, 4.7GB, 120 min.
bought a 5-pack…very first disk failed to finish the burn - CloneDVD reported bad media error

Sony DVD+R 1x-6x, 4.7GB, 120 min.
Successfully burned two DVDz, but both of them produced the same type of skips/freezes described in the Memorex section above

I know the common answer/reason usually has to do with the media, but does anyone have any other ideas what might be causing this? Something to do with one of the clonedvd/anydvd software updates? A change in the way the manufacturer makes their media? (in this case, the Memorex 8x, 4.7GB - they worked perfectly for a long time, but only recently have i had problems)…i’m clueless as to what to try next…

you’re right that your problem is most likely media.

memorex outsources to whomever is cheapest that hour. the same exact package could have any one of about 6 or 7 different manufacturer’s discs inside.

solution: purchase quality discs (verbatim or taiyo yuden) and burn them at the RATED SPEED. your initial errors that caused you to reduce burn speed were probably also due to poor quality media. burning too slow is often just as bad as burning too quickly! do not use the “max setting” simply set for the rated speed of the media or SLIGHTLY lower. i would never go slower than half the rated speed. rated speed is ideal.

also, i’ll assume that your firmware is up to date since I’m nto familiar with the liteon updates, but up to date firmware is always very important as well.

also, if you’re wondering who actually makes your discs, use a program like nero cd-dvd speed (disc info tab) or dvd identifier. this will tell you what manufacturer made the media you’re using.

Verbatim discs are almost always MCC media codes (mitsubishi Chemical COmpany) and Taiyo Yuden make their own media (TY or Yuden codes).

your memorex discs are HIGHLY unpredictable as to what manufacturer actually made them making them very undesirable to purchase because you nver know what is inside.

thanks reason for the quick response reasons

yup the firmware on the Lite-On is the latest - right up until yesterday i was running version: US0A, but a day or so ago, when i started having problems, i updated to the very latest (US0S) - it didn’t seem to make any difference though

thnx for the good insight into the memorex media - but it just seems so odd that they worked perfectly with my current setup for soooo long and suddenly wham out of the blue it’s all messed up…

so is there any way to 100% nail down where the problem is coming from? any software to test my burner’s performance or something like that? i’m gonna definitely try the verbatim thing

Well, they likely have switched to a different (cheaper ?) supplier…
You can check the real manufacturer with DVDIDentifier:

I have had similar problems only with playback of videos on the computer…the picture would stream fine then hang and chop. It had nothing to do with media but with codecs. I thought it was the cpu being tapped out but that wasn’t the case and all software and services that wasn’t needed during the rip or conversion from dvd to xvid. I can’t put my finger on it but when I use virdubmod and use the seperate components of ripping a movie which is more time consuming and more difficult it never works. I get the skipping and everything during playback and all settings a correct…When I do it with auto gordian knot it comes out perfect everytime with everything on including diskeeper and maintanance programs to boot…I just have a sneaky feeling it is the codecs and such that have come out recently, I have caught a lot of them with the trojan.ransom.a thing going on…I also use anydvd and clone dvd and they are up to date…maybe I should install ealier versions to see if the problem goes away…I just don’t know for sure but I’ll keep looking for a solution and hopefully someone has a solution before I hopefully find one…