DVDXpressDX2 (ADSTech)

Don’t really know what I’m doing as this is my first time using a video capture box to put my old camcorder tapes onto pc for editing - Oh yes, WindowsXP on a 2.8ghz Athlon XP 3000+processor - so have attached this box. Then it told me that it didn’t pass Windows Logo testing but went ahead. After I checked my Device Manager under Sound, Video and game controllers - it shows nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal) with an exclamation mark. t says this device does not work. When I try to troubleshoot it with Help and Support Centre - nothing works - so I go to the ADS Tech site and download a driver they reommend and that changes nothing. When I double click the CapWiz icon - it does open the program to capture and edit video but I don’t want to go further without making sure all ducks are lined up. Tx

After you downloaded the driver, did you go back to device mgr. and right click on the WDM capture with the exclamation point and choose “update driver” from the menu, and then point it to the file you downloaded?

Yes I did