Hi Ive just made a backup of final destination. Only thing is when I play it in powerdvd it comes up with the backup rubbish and then it just finishes and stops the dvd but I can manually start the movie at a different chapter and its fine. So have I done something wrong this is only the second dvd i have copied. Do you have to remove the protection at the beginning or summit maybe. Anyway please reply if you feel like helping a noob.


I suggest trying DVDShrink - I personally hated that DVD X Copy program - DVD Shrink does essentially the same thing, but it is free and isn’t coded horribly. There are tutorials on DVD Shrink in the DVD Transcoding Forum. If using DVD Shrink results in the same error or similar - you might check the original for scratches or your burner - which by the way, it would probably help if you gave more info about your setup.

You’ve done nothing wrong Rob. 321 studio had it messed up with the later version. I’d the same problem with v4.0.3.8. :frowning: E-mail to 321 Studio for help, but didn’t have a good reply. Out of curiosity, I downgraded my copy to v3.2.1 and everything seems fine. :smiley: :wink:

yes you need the old copy of x copy express they took out the copy protection in the new versions there are great creaks that work

DVD X COPY Xpress isn’t worth bothering with. As mentioned above DVD Shrink will produce better quality results when you factor in the quality enhancement options. They also don’t insert copy protection on your backups the way DVD X COPY does.

This is one of the things that I need help in I have a dvd its “Dragonball Episode 8-13” first I put it in DVD X Copy and then I got “Error selecting VTS-Titleset” and also something else cant remember but I was able to burn a movie before that particular dvd and I was able to burn one after just to make sure if my dvd rom was working and it was.

Then I read here that DVD Shrink is a better program so I downloaded that then that gave me an error when I tried to open it saying “Failed to read D:” “The request could not be preformed because of an I/O device error” now what I’m getting from that is that my dvd rom could not read the dvd but thats bull cause it can play with power dvd can someone help me get one of these two burning programs to work for me.

Hi, Do you know where I can download DVDxCopy v3.2.1 ?