Dvdxcopy xpress burnt disc not working

I have purchased dvdxcopy xpress and tried to use it on the weekend. the resulting burnt disc did not work at all in my ps2(use as a dvd player, not gaming). All i got was a blank screen.

Then i tried it in my RCA RC5215P dvd player and it started to play, but had problems. There was groups of squares in some frames (pixelated?) which would disappear and reappear. Alos, some frames were sticking and the audio was cutting in and out. It almost seemed like to disc was skipping. Oh yeah, the disc plays perfectly in the computer. Then disc would then totally stop playing after 1-2 minutes. Please help… I have no idea where to start to trouble shoot.

Thank you in advance

curious what brand discs did you use? also did you turn off antivirus when you burnt ? is your firmware up to date ? do u have updated IDe drivers ?


Also where do u live ? wonder if your ps2 can read from the area your located .

tried generic aterra discs and maxell rw discs with no difference between the 2. I am form canada but the movies are supposed to be burnt region free. Last night turned off firewall, antivirus, still no change. I am not really concerned about the playback on ps2 as I will worry about that when I get them to play on my dvd player. By Firmware do you mean from 321studios. I will try gettting an update (if there is) tonight. I just bought a store copy and that is what i am trying to use. I am very new at this so if i sound green… well, I am.

no firmware is for the drive ( dvd burner ). Also what OS system are you running ? can you go in device manager and see what IDE atapi devices you have . That will tell me chipset ? It should be one of these…via, nvidia , intel, or sis .


I think my drives are ok. I am running a sony rs310 system bought new in september and it usually installs updates on its own. O.S. is xp home. Turns out to be Intel®.

Just noticed that the software is version 2.5.1. I will try and update this…

still not working. Also removed all spyware and disabled firewall and anti-virus, no change.

Greetings there my far away Canadian Neighbor.

I send Hello to you From Cuba hehehe.

Anyways, hopefully what happened to me may come of help to you and any other’s with the same issue.

First my PC specs .
P4 2.6
DDR450 1 gig (ram)
SONY DvD Player
and SONY DvD R+ R- Burner compatible with 4x speed

Anyways, I go my DvD movie Bruce Almighty which the Store by my House had for sale for 20 Bux brand New and knew I was going to have to use it several times to entertain my gusts at home.

So I decided to make a back-up of my DvD movie because 20 BUX is a lot of money where I am from.

I first used DvD X-Copy GOLD Edition and the DvD disk I used was those from Comp USA, they had a special 15 for 16 bux. It was Great.

After selecting the option to Copy entire disk, the program reads the DvD 1st, then it advises if recordable media is in the drive from the read source. Afterwards you get an option to start the burn automatically. PLEASE NOT: I do not select the automatic option, instead I prefer the disk to be read 1st, then I will click to START Burn once it prompts me for it. Keep that in a note somewhere, important in my opinion.

Well, after burning your Back-Up, you now have a Replica of the DvD, BUT TRY IT IN YOUR x-box AND HMMMM… IT WON’T SHOW.

so THEN I GOT OPEN MY Nero version and made a DvD to DvD copy of the back-Up and destroyed the 1st Back-Up I made.

Anyways, I took the NERO DvD to DvD disk I just made and placed it in the X-Box and what do you know… it worked =)

Just remember that by law you can only have 1 back-up disk, so though you will need to waste 2 DvD’S, IT IS WORTH IT TO DO IT CUZ THAT 2ND ONE YOU MADE CAN BE PLAYED BY THE X-box.

Again I can’t stress enough to say that after you do this you have to destroy that 1st replica you made… ok? Pinky Promise me :wink:

Ok Ok… Hope this helps.
It did for me.

Originally posted by Ziggydanz
[B]Greetings there my far away Canadian Neighbor.

I send Hello to you From Cuba hehehe.

Again I can’t stress enough to say that after you do this you have to destroy that 1st replica you made… ok? Pinky Promise me :wink:

the laws about how many backups vary from country to country

how do find out what the laws are in your country?

Anyway, tried everything to get the discs to work in my standalone rca. No luck. Then just for shits and giggles, i put my disc into my ps2 and it plays perfectly. It played 2 of the 3 types of media i used. It didnt like verbatim. I will try rw discs next. I dont know about this bu i will try to do the same to a game … just to see what happens. You never now. I thought burnt discs would not play on a ps2 without a mod chip.

By the way, it is supposed to be a balmy 2 Celsius today. Jealous???

i imagine you could find the laws in your country somewhere @ www.eff.org