DVDxCopy updates

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been lurking and reading posts. Lost of good info. Much of this stuff is WAY over my head :confused:

I recently got my NEC 2510A and the external enclosure to go with it (no expansion bay on a laptop :frowning: ) from newegg.com. I also ordered a copy of DVDxCopy Platinum. I ordered it cause it had the ripper with it. I figured what’s the point of buying the new one for $150 when this one is better and I got it for $80.

Turns out 321 only offers updates for the RF version now and not the good version. Anybody know how I can update version 3.1.1 to the newest ripper version?

Also, if anybody is interested I think you can get DL disks on Amazon. I’m assuming they are DL. It is 14.99 for one disk and it said 9.4GB and it didn’t say DS anywere in the description. I’ll see if I can find it again.