Dvdxcopy The backup dont work in Xbox or Home DVD players?

Hey Did anyone get a Manual or help on why a Backup dvd on
dvd+rw dont work on Home dvd players or a XBox dvd player ?
I just made a dvd+rw on 2 dvd+rw Philips media disks.
And tried to play it on My Xbox and home GE dvd player and the
Xbox doesnt reconize it and the GE doesnt play it either ? But
The Memorex Dvd+rw drive plays it just fine ! I was using the Beta version of DvdxCopy btw ! I dont want to pay $120.00
for something that dont work sooo !!!
Anyone who has this problem give me a hint on what to do ?

Try using write-once media (DVD+R). Your DVD player might not be capable of playing the rewritables and the Xbox is very picky when it comes to media.


Yes i went to my friends house and the Backup of IceAge worked
in his home dvd player it is a older Sony model and it worked in his computer with cyberdrive dvd model ! I cant afford to make alot of coasters with this drive ! I wanted to know if there is a way to find out you cant take out all the extras in a dvd and just
have the movie ?

When it comes to the player compatibility some players are pickier than others when it comes to the DVD recordable media.

Platinum version of DVDXCopy will be coming soon it will allow you to strip unused information.

One of the cheap players that works for us is the APEX you can buy them for ~60$ at Wal-Mart or Target