DVDXCOPY question

This is probably a fairly simple answer, and I would have posted it over on 321’s forum but they have a 48 hour “waiting period” for new accounts, so I can’t post. :confused:

Anyway, I did STFA before I decided to post this. :slight_smile:

I’m strongly considering purchasing DXC, but I’m a little unclear as to what
advanatages each version has over another.

I’m a home theater nut, so my top two priorities are making sure that my
software can rip and burn a DVD with the image quality being identical to
the original, and making sure that it will correctly rip and burn the
digital multi-channel audio, like DTS and DTS ES.

I know that the Platinum version of DVX can do this because it clearly
states it, but what about the Gold edition? Does it also copy these two
factor flawlessly as well?


just my two cents …I just got dvd x copy platinum and not happy with quality …I had better quality with dvd x copy express …but i usually use dvd shrink and nero …but hey that is just my opinion …i have tested alot of programs and so far I like dvd shrink …it encodes …decyrptes …takes region out …and compresses …even at ten I dont notice a difference but that is my opinion …I even just did movie and dvd x press had better quality then the platinum version but that is just me … anyone else wanna comment feel free …

Couldn’t get DVDXCopy Plat to even install correctly. Express did satisfactory copies, however not even close to the result I have had with DVDShrink 2.3 and 3.0b5 coupled with CopytoDVD for the writting portion.

I too can not tell the difference between the originals or the copies and I have copied some extended movies; “the two towers”, “fellowship of the ring”, “patton” and they have all come out extremely clean and the kids have not complained, not even once. So I am PLEASED as to the quaility of the FREE program and will spend the 100plus that 321software wants for their software on blank media and continue to burn freely or practically freely, I did purchase CopytoDVD.

just a thought …copy to dvd is good

but i jus tlike using nero express cause it is so simple and just does it quick

you just pick your dvd drive
example : yourdrive [dvd]

the [dvd] just opens up options for dvds …make sure [dvd] is there at end

and then dvd-video files and then add the files from movie … I repeat not the whole folder just what is in it ]

and then burn …and uncheck verify …now that is my kind of simple

Thanks guys!!

So DVDShrink coupled w/ CopytoDVD will rip fully digital multichannel audio?

Where can I purchase / download these programs?


tempest …

I use dvd shrink and nero express all of the time …

dvd shrink is freeware …I use version 2.3 always work for me plus gives me more control


on that page they have beta version but I have nto tried it …since I like 2.3 version …if it isnt broke dont fix it theory …
also if i use highest compression it still looks good …I cant tell a difference …

as far as nero …i am sure you can get that but here is a link if you need it


you just click on the mehr …adn then next page download …

or if you want to try copy2dvd that is good program too …hint if you backup your games they are having special with blindwrite and copy 2dvd the new version is giong to be out soon so I would wait but that is just me …or you might want to write vso support to see if u get older version of blindwrite will you get free upgrade to five … that is what i have done …hehhehe

here is vso website …[for blindwrite which is use to backup games and also there is copy2dvd which has been explained ]


but like i said i have used dvd shrink and nero express and no problems at all … quick and easy
Oh one more quick note …I have tried nero six …and didnt like it that is why I went back down to my older verison cause it has ran alot better and less bugs … nero … anything above that i got weird errors …but from what i read other people are having same problem …that is hwy I use now

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