Dvdxcopy platinum

i have just got a copy of this software v3.2.1 i can get the simple program to work but i cant get the advanced part to work, ie, how do you set it up, it says select titles etc , but what do you do after that, can anyone give me some instuctions on how to use this part of the program.
cheers iannn.

after you click advance, there should be a list of files in a window (this is where you are told to click what you want). If you double click on the actual file listed, you should get a preview of what the file is, ie the movie, the menu, the FBI warning, ect. There is a grey box on the left end of each file listing allowing you to check it if you want that file included. Check what you want, then there is a big circle on the right side that says next. Click that. It should bring you to another screen that shows the compression % for each file you checked. There is another big circle that says write, or burn or next or something like that again, click that and it should start.