Dvdxcopy platinum rf

I bought dvdxcopy platinum rf. was told it would copy any dvd to dvd including copyrighted dvd’s. I had my collection stolen and now replacing gradually and would like to have my own backup incase of loosing them again. Is there a way I can copy these over the copyright

“Is there a way I can copy these over the copyright” -
i don’t understand this

I don’t understand it either. But, DVDXCopy works great. I have backed up the neighborhoods dvds

Software such as DVDXCopy is meant for making personal backups of DVD’s you own. Copying DVD’s that you do not own is highly illegal and faces large penalties if you are caught; besides this it is also immoral. Making illegal copies only ruins it for the rest of us that are making legitimate backups.
Consider this your only warning that such talk is not welcome or allowed at CD Freaks.

Aren’t you allowed to make your neighbour a backup (ie give it to them, just let them use your computer).

SSSeth (Senior Moderator) get off your moral horse. I did not say I was copying my neighbors movies for myself, I said I backed them up for them. That is leagal. They don’t have a burner, they don’t have the program, so next time you want to make a reply, or a “warning”, “consider” understanding the statement before you do. I’m sure I know what “talk is not welcome or allowed at CD Freaks” since I did read and understand the agrement I click on.
Apology not needed.


Sanastas , no need to get upset strait away. I think every body now understands that you were doing it for your neighbours and not for your self after you made it clear in your second post, in your first post all you said was " I have backed up the neighbourhoods DVDs " and left it open to people to make there own conclusion, it’s always better to make it as clear as possible and don’t leave it open for people to come to the wrong conclusion, for a lot of members English is not there first language, it’s better for everybody if the replies are clear and have more detail so every body understands it. we are not here to upset each other the reason we are all here is to try and help each other, :slight_smile:

Copyright laws vary from country to country…but in general, if you are using this software to back-up DVD’s you own, you are not violating the copyright attatched to it.

If the DVD is a friends, a nieghbors, or a rental, and you are backing it up…to keep it for yourself, then that is illeagle…

Clear is mud?? :slight_smile:

dvs- You needed to get the version of DVDXCOPY made before they were forced to remove the css ripping capability in Feb 2004. I use and it works fine. Ssseth is right, it is illegal and immoral to steal but not to back up your own stuff. I ruined a Dvd by unknowingly putting onther one on top of of it and by the time the crunching and whirring was over it was scratched to buggery. If only I had backed it up.