Hi Ive just made a backup of final destination. Only thing is when I play it in powerdvd it comes up with the backup rubbish and then it just finishes and stops the dvd but I can manually start the movie at a different chapter and its fine. So have I done something wrong this is only the second dvd i have copied. Do you have to remove the protection at the beginning or summit maybe. Anyway please reply if you feel like helping a noob.


The problem doesn’t sound like it’s with dvdxcopy. The disclaimer is there to prevent you from making copies of that backup. You can easily remove that by searching on Google. You’ll need IFOEDIT and VOBRATOR to do it.

Does your movie play on a standalone player without problem? What do you mean about “Summit”? Sounds like something wrong with the burn itself or media… not the program (which is pretty self-explanatory to use unless you’re using the Advanced functions like compression).