DVDX problems

I’m curious if anybody on here has perfected dvdx ripping/encoding? I’m not in the “know” with a lot of the stuff so i’ve found this to be the most dumb downed dvd ripper out there. I’ve made backups of a few movies but there are several bad themes…

  1. audio doesn’t initialize until i hit fast forward/rewind (this happens in both windows media player and dvr/tv programs) once and periodically throughout the movie audio will stop and i’ll have to hit rewind/fast forward to get it going again…

  2. all movies that are 29.7hz have to be recorded with 24hz forced… else i get a over sample error…

  3. quality is rather poor when extremely dark backgrounds exist (figure this is a divx thing not, dvdx problem)

has any body else experiance the above problems?.. gotten around them?

Overall i’m still pretty pleased with the output from dvdx 2.0.

Hi there, I use DVDx2.0 and find it easy to use and produces very good quality VCD’s (PAL)for me.

What settings are you using and what’s the spec of your pc?

chrome ;0)

I got always nice results with DVDx version 2.0 but…

several times before any correct ripping an error stops the job

" The log display something like…

You’ve to unlock the drive etc etc

WinDVD or other progs are goods for this

DVD or pthe prog no need running while ripping

please note : I dont use aspi

Thanks for any helps

Athlon XP1800+
256 DDR @ 2100
40 Gb @7200
LG DVD reader