DVDX COPY & Mirror +R media

Hope this is the correct forum,
I’ve just had two DVD backups go wrong using DVDX Copy with an NEC2500 burner on Mirror +R media. In the past I’ve had no problems with this media (from the same batch) but both discs freeze in the last chapter or two on my set top player (Toshiba). The originals DVD Roms play fine. Anyone else had issues either with DVDX Copy or Mirror +R’s?

yes cedders i have the same problem with liteon 1653s
i used CREATION DVD-R 4x
can someone help us?
i have my liteon secondary slave

It’s typical for bad media to freeze at the end of a the disk.

Use DVDIdetifier to show mediacode.


Mirror +R or Creation -R are not know to be off good quality.

I’m having the same problem. Stops at about 43% read for me.

I wonder if the studios put a block on the DVD, that screws with the read function and causes aborts.

I’ll get to trying a new install, see if that works.
If you get info please pass it on - send me a direct reply, and I’ll do the same for you.

I didn’t do a whole bunch of ripping

  • but it was nice to have when I felt the urge.

-Rob (robertcall@cox.net)

Honestly i wouldn’t use both things not dvd x copy and no mirror media.