DVDX Copy 1.3 error message

l am using DVDXCopy 1.3 with my pioneer AO5P burner.
but when l go to backup a DVD, l get an error message

“error reading source disk”
“abort - retry - ignore”

This happens with every backup l try to do.
What does thios mean?:frowning:

I Think the best DVD x was 1.2,maybe you could revert to that

sigh, moving this to the DVD software forum.


I´ve got the same problem with DVDXCOPY 1,3…

I tried a few titles and it dosn´t work…
i´ve got a pioneer 105 burner…

The burner works great in any other program but not with DVDxCopy… anybody got a tip???

// Soulman

If this error comes up when you start the program; usually it is related to the other software blocking you from accessing that DVD.

Check if you have Interactual Player, and or Pc Friendly Player installed, if you do uninstall them, than play this move with player like PowerDVD or WinDVD to make your system recognize and unlock that drive, after that close that player and than start DVDXCopy.