DVDX by 321

Well I just Got My hands on this , all I can say is,
All the Stuff the have bundled is stuff you can get for free.

I have been making DVD backups for some time.I have used all versions of DVDx I was satified,and it was all free, Then they went private. I found s new Version of DVDx 2.0 @ doom web site
and let me say this It’s no different!!!
Why are they selling this, I don’t get it!!! Poor Lamers Who don’t know!!
Oh well ,I just had to Put my 2 cents in this.

I was reading their own forums and one guy stated that he had used two of the three activations by installing and patching the software. :eek: :rolleyes:

I think you are referring to two different software pieces.

One, DVDX v1.8 and 2.0, is for ripping a DVD to a VCD/SVCD and it usually works fine. However, sometimes the audio and video do not sync even though the option to sync is on.

The other is DVDXCopy (321studios.com and dvdxcopy.com). I have this software. This makes EXACT 1:1 copys of the original DVD (yes, even XBOX games), provided the DVD is a single layer disc and has less than the 4.7GB of video that most DVD± drives support. Even at that, you can still copy it on the double sided 9.4GB DVD’s and have it on 1 disc, if you do not mind flipping the DVD over during the movie.

If not, it will allow you to remove chapters (intros, previews, behind the scenes, etc) from the movie to try to reduce the size needed.

The activation piece is not utilized during the patching process (because I did it myself when the new version came out). However, there are easy ways to get around the multiple registration issues. Look for a product called Prism Deploy; which takes a snapshot before a software install and then again after you install it. Once it is done, you have an EXE of the changes, hence a full install of your product that has already been activated, configured, or whatever. You can now install this EXE on any machine that you wish without activating. This is very handy for peeps like me who reghost their machines on darn near a weekly schedule (hey, I’m a freak, I admit it ;).

Anyways, they are both good products for what they are designed to do.