DVDx 2.0

Hi there, I’ve tried this program to rip DVD movies and make VCD and SVCD and it is really really good. It’s cardware so download it and give it a try.

It takes my pc 2hrs 40mins to rip and encode a 1hr 28 min video, that includes the playing time, so effectively 1hr 20mins pc time, not bad!!!

chrome ;0)

yeah, but the thing you didn’t mention is what kind of powermachine you use.
It all depends on how fast your pc is and which encoder you use (CCE or TMPG)

I rather stick with DVD2SVD because it also supports 5.1 audio and you can have a nice cover and chapters

Sorry about the delay, the spec of my machine is 1.8 Ghz Athlon cpu, 512mb DDR and 40gb 7,200rpm HDD running Win98SE.

chrome ;0)