DVDWriterPro Drive Tray Lock

I DL’d DVDWriterPro to see if it would be good for integrating into an app I am extending. Using Delphi, I have been able to import the objects but when i write a CD the drive tray locks and will not unlock without rebooting the machine.

Id like to know if anyone else in the community has any experience with using DVDWriterPro in Dephi; What problems may I run into; And, Does anyone have a nice clear overview of what functions should be called in what order to make it work properly?

Their Samples are written in VB and therefore a major pain for me to drill through.

Ive played with the LockUnlock(boolean) function a little and it doesnt seem to actually do anything.

Thanks to all in advance for your consideration!

One place you can look for programming help is on the newsgroups: http://groups.google.com


Google is the pwn.


Sorry, I did not, early enough, realize the connection of this community with Nero. The problem turned out to be a hardware compatability problem with “that other” sdk. :slight_smile:

Also sorry for the typo.

So were you able to solve the problem? You found help on the newsgroups?


Unfortunately, I did not find much information in the google newsgroups.

There are still issues that I am trying to resolve but the ActiveX controls that I am using (importing into Delphi) do not have much in terms of pre-sales support and the terms for after purchase support are really iffy: “drop an email or send a fax and you might hear back from us in a few days” doesn’t float my boat if I’m gonna drop $1000 on an SDK or Control.


Ive looked at the Nero SDK and it is not possible in our business model to always distribute Nero with our application. We need to be able to be autonomous if Nero ever changes its paradigm. Whats to say that Nero wont change its licensing next week, month, or year; Change their DLLs in their software distribution to enforce it; And, leave us in the cold hunting for old versions on EBay?

If there were a licensing option that gave us limited rights to distribute, I’d give Nero’s SDK a much closer inspection. I see from activity on these forums that they have cultivated a community that uses their product and that is a very positive sign in my experience that they are going to continue support.

Enough venting… I should be working :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Tek.