DVDSubEdit causes playback glitches to first subpic?

I’ve been experiencing this with some of the discs I’ve authored with DVDSUbEdit to adjust subtitle positioning or whatnot. When playing the resulting disc, I get a very brief visual distortion/glitch when the first subpic SPU hits the screen (sometimes hiding the subpic and causing block artifacts for a fraction of a second); apparently, the whole remaining disc always plays fine. Quite annoying.

One thing I’ve noticed is that this doesn’t occur with playback on the PC, but only with standalone players (I use two players of different brands which exhibit the same problem though, diminishing the probability of it being player related). I’ve tried both DVDSubEdit v1.40 and v1.41 (the latest).

Anyone experiencing the same thing ? Any ideas ? More importantly, any way of preventing this from happening ?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Wrong forum! Ask your question at Doom9 in IFO/VOB Editors, which is the official help forum for DVDSubEdit. I am sure jeanl will be able to help you. As well, the latest version is 1.4107

But, I have not experienced this problem and I have used DVDSE a lot.


Thank you, master blutach. I wasn’t aware there’s a “official” forum (I did a quick browse on the program’s homepage but found no link to it). I’ll try there.

“You are not allowed to post or reply until you have been registered for at least 5 days.”

Aaarrrhhh! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah - sorry man - that’s the rules. They want you to lurk and search first. You can also email jeanl. I think his address is on the prog’s homepage - or better still PM, him. Anyway, update and see if that helps.