DVDStyler - Naming Menu Buttons



Just trying to learn this app. Cant even get past buttons. I’ve read an extended version of the manual (2mb .pdf) , which states that right-clicking on a button brings up a dialog box, which has right there a space to rename the button.
Sorry 'bout my luck - but it does not. If I r-click on a button , and a nearly full screen panel appears. Nowhere is there a space to name the button. The nearest thing to this , is a section titled “LOOK” , ??? , which has to do with the button , sure…but not renaming it.
Anyone with help ??



You may already be doing things right, but just in case
you are looking for “rename button” See below"

[U]The following was extracted from the DVDStyler User Guide[/U]:

  1. Edit the button properties (name, color, font, etc) by right clicking on the button in the Menu Editing panel (place the mouse pointer over the button and right-click). From the speed-menu select “Properties” to access the menu. Change various properties as desired. When finished, click “OK” to return to the Menu Editing Panel .,

Hope this helps.[/LEFT]


(round and round we go…)
I wish I could upload the image of the dialogue panel. I read the manual. I’ve clicked on the 'BUTTONS" tab. There is no MENU tab by the way. I right-click the button , and I choose Properties. ( sound familiar?) A full screen dialog panel appears, NOT in any way resembling the small dialog image shown in the manual(s). I can choose an image or a frame from the video , I see that. If I go with a frame from video , I’m telling you I see no way to name the button. Using version 1.6.2. Anyone seeing what I’m seeing???