DVDStyler 2.7 released – free, cross platform DVD authoring software

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The developers of DVDStyler, an open-source DVD authoring application, released version 2.7 of their software today.

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Free my Lower 40!

Read the installer prompts VERY, VERY, VERY carefully.
They are intentionally misleading and will result in multiple
spyware programs being installed if you don’t!
As for functionality, looked impressive and very configurable.
Won’t do BluRay and DVDs are pointless in the age of 4k.
Took a quick look and nuked it even quicker.

DVDStyler is not a bad program (once you’ve navigated the minefield of crapware add-ons successfully). It gives a fairly good choice of DVD menu options.

I disagree about the viability of DVD-video. Many people still use it as their primary means of watching movies. With a good upscaling tv or player, the quality isn’t bad at all on a 1080p set, which is the highest resolution on the vast majority of HD tv sets.

Where DVDStyler is less impressive is its format conversions. I’d much prefer to use AVStoDVD and the HCenc encoder.