Dvdshrink3.2 Video Trouble

I have been using the dvdshrink3.2 without many problems, but lately I have noticed that after it analyzes a dvd, in the preview window in the lower left hand corner, the movie is green and pink. Now when I go ahead and backup the movie it comes out fine, but why is the preview window green and pink. I have also noticed the same problem in my Windows Movie Maker after importing a wmv the preview is green and pink. Could someone please help. I think it might just be a simple problem but it is so annoying since I do make a lot of movies in movie maker and use dvdshrink a lot. Thank you so much for your help.

Maby its a problem with your codecs try reinstalling them.

reinstall codecs? How do I go about doing that? I think it started doing that after I installed DVD decrypter…

Try to uninstall dvd shrink and reinstall it again. DVD Decrypter don’t install any codec.

Maybe you can do another test: uninstall dvd decrypter and see if this alone solve the problem. I don’t think that decrypter can be related in any way to this problem, but who know?

Alternatively you can do another thing: uninstall both decrypter and shrink, then install first decrypter and then shrink. This should solve.

Shrink uses Direct X. Make sure you have the latest version. Also, try changing the video renderer settings in the Shrink preferences.

Thank you for your posts, I have fixed the problem. My video drivers were corrupted, so I just went to the NVidia website and downloaded the newest drivers and it wasn’t fixed. I unchecked the Enable write combing and now it works. Don’t know why that worked but it did and it all works now. Thanks again for your help. Have a great day, Di