DvdShrink3.2 overburn with Nero6.2 mismatch



When you use overburn with dvdshrink, set for 4600MB,
the program will exceed the 4,823,449,600 byte limit.
So when you set Nero to overburn, You may see an error
depending on the size of the movie processed.
Only when you approach the maximum size will this be evident.
When burning “The Italian Job” shrink said the file was 99.9%
with overburn selected. Used shrink to process the movie,
Yet the final folder exceeded the max. byte count by 137,625.
Not sure if this is a product of the hd sector size adding to the count,
but would expect the program to strip off the extra bytes.
Anyone, have any thoughts on the root cause and a solution.


You should NEVER OverBurn a DVD…Period.


according to whom?

some drives are quite happy with overburning, including my BenQs.