DVDshrink vs. CloneDVD2?



I’ve always used DVDshrink in the past, with only the movie title and 1 audio track so most movies fit on 1 SL DVD-R however more recently some movies have that new sony copy protection and I had to divert to first ripping the movie to ISO with dvd decrypter then processing it with dvdshrink, added a step to the process

few days ago i installed trials of anyDVD and CloneDVD2, seems to bypass these protections and has a nice interface, fast also, I know they’re both transcoders, but any I losing anything doing it with anyDVD/CloneDVD2?


but any I losing anything doing it with anyDVD/CloneDVD2?
Only cash:) Many debate about different softwares on the market, but differences are negligable, if you like it and want to pay, then by all means go right ahead, Its a great product.


@BoostFrenzy: You shouldn’t be losing anything with AnyDVD/CloneDVD2. I use this combo myself most of the time and it works great! Very easy and very quick for how good it is. :slight_smile:


One difference I’ve noticed between Dvdshrink and CloneDVD is the ability to remove tiles while keeping menus. In Dvdshrink if you remove extras (or any tiles), you have to reauthor the DVD (unless I’m missing something) and it doesn’t let you keep the menu functionality. In CloneDVD, it lets you remove them and preserves menu functionality. I use CloneDVD all the time to remove extras, other languages, etc.

Overall though, the quality is the about the same, in my opinion. :wink:


I’ve used both products. They each have nice features. I like the interface and transcoding quality in CloneDVD2, but it started making coasters on me, so I stopped burning with it entirely. I burn with Roxio’s “Disc Copier” inside EMC7 and it works great.

A feature I really like in DVDShrink is the ability to select compression levels for individual titles. I care about the quality of the movie itself much more than the “extras”. In DVDShrink I can frequently pick “no compression” for the movie itself, and then select a few extras I might want to keep and let those be compressed.
DVDShrink then produces a dvd that plays all the items in sequence (extras after the main title), without running to the player menu to pick a different “title” to play. I think I read that CloneDVD2 recently emulated that capabilitiy in their latest release.

And lastly - about this new supposed “copy protection”. Are we sure this isn’t just poor implementation of internal “branching” techniques in dvd’s where someone wants to let you select the theatrical release vs. extended/alternate scene versions? Aren’t the problems occurring only in those titles attempting to employ dynamic branching inside the feature? Like “The Forgotten” and “Ray” and “The Grudge”? My original of “The Forgotten” plays terribly - loaded with pauses, etc. if you choose the “extended/alternate scenes” version. I’m suspecting this is a quality issue with Sony/Columbia/Tristar dvd’s. It certainly isn’t effective “copy protection” unless they don’t care if it even plays properly either.


As a consumer, you need to bring it back to the place of purchase and raise HELL. If enough people complain, then they will stop this non-sense. It’s all about $. This appear to be a unique problem from Sony/Columbia/Tri Star.