DVDShrink Version 2.2

Get DVDShrink Version 2.2 :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


What’s new in version 2.2 :
Fixed bug where fast forward/fast backward playback did not function correctly in target disk.

What’s new in version 2.1 :
Improved compression and new levels. The quality is much improved.

Added unicode support for Japanese language. Japanese release is unicode, all other languages are MBCS since unicode doesn’t work on Windows 98.

Hide audio/subpicture streams of negligible size is turned off by default. Also fixed filtering bug in Streams View.

Fixed bug where “Still Pictures” mode failed while encoding menus.

Nice. I’m gonna test it out and see if the author fixed the play bug. Burned two DVDs and both would freeze after I select Play from the main menu. It only does this if I play it on the stand alone Sony, but plays fine on the PS2 and computer.

Link died :frowning: Anyone got another source :slight_smile:


Can only find 2.0 there or 2.1 beta… do you have a direct link? Pwease?!

The link in the first message works fine for me. Try right-clicking on the link and choose “Save Target…” or “Save link…”

yep///save as…works

This version overcomes the problems I reported on the Beta 2.1 thread, both discs will now process, and I must say I am impressed.

I used a particularly long movie to transcode and have just spent many minutes nose up against a very large TV screen. I chose scenes with lots of water and smoke content (notorious for causing MPEG artefacts) and the quality is simply excellent.

A slick interface and top notch output… and free.

What more do you want:D


OK, let’s see if it can beat dvd2one
In quality that is.
Because with all the features it’s much better

could you post a screenshot Peter?

Try this link: http://www.dvdshrink.org/

Originally posted by benxx
OK, let’s see if it can beat dvd2one
In quality that is.
Because with all the features it’s much better

I’m sorry, but do you watch movies 2 inches from the screen?

I can’t tell the original from the compressed movie starting from 2.0 on my LCD monitor.

Once the transcoded output is indistinguishable from the original, even at two inches, as this seems to be, then the game is over. DVD2One may be better in quality when measured scientifically (then again, it may not), the point is you can’t tell.
It’s as if you were having a conversation with Einstein and suddenly, by magic, his intelligence doubled. Would you know?


I’d like to post a screen shot, but my system seems hostile to ‘grabs’. The resultant GIF is just black!

I believe that for the vast majority of people most of the new transcoders produce results that are more than good enough. At normal viewing distances and in the middle of an interesting movie, you are simply unaware of fleeting artefacts.

What I’d like to see - and so far as I’m aware no one’s done it yet - is a means of reliably dropping titles. I know IC offers this feature, but sometimes it results in the DVD being unplayable. I try to get rid of those annoying copyright warnings, but if they are called direct before the main movie starts and IC has just dropped the VOB without adjusting the IFOs, then the whole thing hangs!

It’s on these matters that the developers should be focusing now.


I’ll post some captures tonight.

Pete, you didn’t use windows’ built in F12 capture function for screen captures did you? Use PowerDVD and use as JPG the extension.

The only feature I want now is split movie… well, maybe not…

Still can’t do it!

I’m using Ravisent Cineplayer as the DVD player and ACDSee 5 as the screen grab utility. The latter normally works perfectly, but not on CinePlayer it seems:confused:

Saving to different formats makes no difference.


They emailed that file to cpu_dr@juno.com All links on the net are gone… I would like to have this software… Thanks again… anyone?? please?? ok. no more begging. It would be great though. Instant Copy takes a few centuries… and I do have dvd2one. just want to try this out…

It’s still available (at this moment) on Doom9. Go to this page:


and press <ctrl> F. Enter “shrink” and search.

Go to …www.betanews.com. each time shrink is updated,they have the latest edition,got mine from there today…:cool:

perhaps you could try “printkey 2000 v5.10”

Originally posted by Peter McCalll

I’d like to post a screen shot, but my system seems hostile to ‘grabs’. The resultant GIF is just black!

I was trying to send my boss a list of songs he needed for a party,and while I saw black,he was able to get the list,just as I intended,SO,my advice to you,is, try it anyway,it just might work…