DVDShrink v Nero Recode

Which One Is The Best?

Shrink - no question

DVD Shrink never crashes but Recode does. My vote goes to DVD Shrink!

“Best” can mean almost anything. Recode is faster at deep analysis, but not faster at recoding given the same settings. The quality of the output is identical given the same settings. But Recode defaults to higher extra/menu compression and lower main movie compression, so some folks think it gives better results.

Shrink is usually preferred for re-authoring, combining and splitting.

As I understand it the author of Shrink went to work for Nero ? I had hoped that by now Recode would have become a more up to date shrink. Instead to me it is overly complex and unstable. Shrink just works every time.

This question is a bit like who is better the dinosaur or the mammal? On track record the dinosaurs ruled for a long time but eventually met an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

Ultimately, Recode is being developed and Shrink is not.

Recode has limited editing facilities which make it easier to create customised DVDs. Shrink will never be able to cope with double layer disks etc.

Thus if Shrink works for what you want - fine.

Not sure what you mean. One of the benefits of shrink is that it can shink data from double layer disks to fit onto single layer disks ?

Although personally unless the figure is 85% or higher I prefer splitting over 2 disks - the current cost and inferior burn quality ruling out burning to DL.

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I agree with you, but sometimes, its handy to simply rip a file to get rid of all the ads, FBI warnings (which are exceptionally irritating if outside the US) and you may not want to shrink the program files and conceivably, you might want to use a DL disk (I agree costs make this silly at the moment but then we said that about DVDs compared with CDs a couple of years back).

Incidentally, I actually tend to use the excellent VOBblanker (freeware) rather than Nero Recode when I want to split a 9GB disk into 2 x 4.7GB disks, as it is very quick and easy to use, and cuts at precise cell/chapter boundaries, and also you can retain the exact menu structure (but get rid of the ads, FBI warnings etc).

Recode never crashed with me…

Can Nero or Shrink Convert From Pal to NTSC?

Shrink can’t, but I did it once with Nero Recode. It was a while ago and I can’t remember how, but it worked.

Recode should be called a beta test program,
sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.
shrink works good every time.

as for its inability to handle dl disks is a stupid thing to say!
if you have dl blanks you don’t need shrink or recode just use disk copy in nero w/anydvd, no need for recoding or compression