DVDShrink & trying Deep Analysis

I’m Running DVDShrink 3.0 Beta 5.

I did a re-authoring, and then selected “Deep Analysis”. Once the Deep Analysis completed, I couldn’t find any .VOB files that were created, or any visible outputs from this step (well, the button was greyed-out).

Do I need to run “Deep Analysis” as one step, and then “Backup” as a second step afterwards - or was this just a bug? This would be a bit of a pain, since it requires manual intervention and takes at least twice as long - but only if I’m there to monitor the progress. I guess if I want to compile my backup files overnight, I can do a Deep Analysis before going to bed, and then do the Backup once I wake up, and then burn when I get home from work … sigh …


Do I need to run “Deep Analysis” as one step, and then “Backup” as a second step afterwards


Deep Analysis is only a more accurate compression analysis.

Look here

Thanks, FutureProof - I already checked those tutorials last night (I searched in those tutorials for “deep”), and that’s actually how this question came up.

The “::: Guide to DVD Shrink – Part 2: Shrinking then Ripping :::” tutorial mentioned that running the Deep Analysis would do a more thorough analysis of the DVD, but I couldn’t find any real proof that anything occurred via any output files that I could find.

I wasn’t sure that anything really happened once I pressed the Deep Analysis button (other than a DVD encoding window popping up for about 35 minutes). After the encoding window disappeared and the Deep Analysis button became deactivated, I wasn’t sure what to do - none of the directions are really clear on this. When I thought, “OK - I’ll try to press the “Backup” button”, I saw the exact same “encoding” window pop up again, for about the same length of time. This had me concerned that I was completely overwriting (or not using) the “Deep Analysis” data. I’m taking it on faith that I’ve done everything right.

DVDShrink is an incredibly cool product! The small footprint makes it even more imprtessive. Unfortunately, I’ve found the user interface to be a touch confusing - mostly due to lack of definitive feedback to the user.

The two problems I have had so far:

(1) When pressing the re-authoring button, I get a new window that looks identical to the original window. I wasn’t sure what to do with this window, and the items I tried to Drag-N’-Drop (originally folders) didn’t move over. It wasn’t until later that I figured out accidently that I needed to move individual titles. Prior to that, I began to suspect that the reauthoring window was just restarting the original program, and that I was missing some steps about the reauthoring process. I know better now. :bigsmile:

My thoughts (which aren’t worth much, I know): The reauthoring window could be changed slightly to make it more apparent that it is different from the original - Such as a Title Bar change, disabling/removing the “Re-author” functionality in the child window, maybe a different color scheme/layout. The DVDShrink help file could explain better how to use it (I write a lot of technical documentation as part of my career. I know that its tough to write user documentation that covers all the bases).

(2) The problem with the “Deep Analysis” mentioned above.

My thoughts: Change the Title Bar on the “Backup” to indicate whether the encoding is being done with or without the “Deep Analysis” information.

In both of the cases I mentioned above, the main user interface problem that I had was because the window objects were being reused/instantiated without any easily noticable changes, even though the objects were used for different functionality.

Anyways, enough of my whining … I still think that DVDShrink is an awesome product, and I’m glad you guys told me about it!


PS: If I’m off-base here, let me know. If you think my ideas have merit, let me know, too! :slight_smile:

Deep Analysis checks every frame rather than 1:100

Check your C:\Documents and Settings[i]username[/i]\Application Data\DVD Shrink 3.0\ folder

Files around 100-200KB are Deep Analysis; those under 20KB are not Deep Analysis

The Re-authoring window activates the Start/End button on the tool bar

>Once the Deep Analysis completed, I couldn’t find any .VOB files
> that were created, or any visible outputs from this step (well,
>the button was greyed-out).

Backup does this.

>Do I need to run “Deep Analysis” as one step, and
>then “Backup” as a second step afterwards

Yes, as you have discovered. If you check the top left of the dialogue it says “Encoding” not Analysing (again) :wink:

You’re not off base. The creator of DVDShrink has said in as many words that the interface design of the beta wasn’t that cool, and will be revised for the finished version.