DVDShrink Target Size Question

I read in the DVDShrink with DVDDecrypte Guide that you should set the Target Size of the disc to 4300 to avoid burning the dvd too close to the edge. I’ve always set it to 4480 to take advantage of the whole size of the disc (DVD+ = 4483 and DVD- = 4489). Are there any “dangers” about setting the target size so high ? After all, it is lower than the size of the disc.

with poor quality media, the area most likely to cause prob lems is the edge of the disc. if the dye is uneven on this part of the disc, you get a failed disc if you try to burn all the way out to the edge.

setting the target size slightly lower than the full capacity of the disc compensates for this.

if you are confident that you are using quality media then by all means burn out as far as you’d like to. if you start getting weird burn failures though, it should be your first troubleshooting step to set the target size to the lower value.

hope that helps.

DVD Shrink’s standard target size is already set a bit lower so you don’t burn too close to the edge so there’S no need to lower it any further.

Correct. I believe it’s 4464 MB.