DVDShrink Ripping speed super slow!

Hi. First time poster! :wink: I have been using DVDShrink for six months or so. I just got a new Benq DW1655 drive, and am having an issue that may or may not be drive related. Normally I can rip movies to an ISO file relatively quick. Say 15-minutes or so. The CPU is almost at 100%. Then suddenly, I put in a movie, and it takes an hour, and the CPU is barely being pegged. I have tried Nero speed, and the QSuite utilities, but find nothing. I even do a reboot, all to no avail. ANy ideas?

Having trouble with DVD Shrink and Flight Plan. Encounters a problem at 54%, can you assist me with this problem?


Since you say its a new drive, it may have a riplock in the firmware. Many drives will lock to 2x speed for ripping on commercial dual-layered discs. If that is the problem, you can see if you can get a hacked firmware and update the drive that will remove the riplock.

See here: http://forum.rpc1.org/portal.php for firmware & support. There are also firmware subforums here on cdfreaks as well.

@Sweet Al,
You need to start a new thread and post your problem there and not jump in on another thread since the first problem is not related to yours.

is dma enabled for your drive?

Ditto :iagree:

Check here if you don’t know about DMA :slight_smile: