DVDShrink refuses to open-Please help! PICS!

I’ve used Shrink before with no problems. For whatever reason, it’s decided to stop working. I’ve checked my ASPI layer, and everything is fine, all my other programs work fine, however, Shrink refuses to open. I get a Windows system error every time I run it. Here is a cropped screen shot of what the error looks like

Here’s a cropped screen shot of what the technical info on the error contains:

The system is a Dell Precision 690 running Windows XP Pro.

Other DVD related software installed includes:


I did have AnyDVD installed but since have uninstalled it, with no better outcome.

Please, if you guys can help, it’d be very much appreciated!! :bow:

Try uninstalling restart your computer and reinstall.

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Nice try. That was the first thing I tried. Tried it 3 different times. No dice every time.

I see that you have Nero installed. Do you have Nero’s InCd installed as well. If you do try removing it because it conflicts with DvD Shrink.

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Doesnt appear to be installed. It isnt showing up in the various programs under the DVD Shrink program group

How long ago was it when it was working?

What have you added or deleted from your system? ( Besides AnyDvD )

Have you scanned you system for viruses or malware/spyware?

Have you tried removing all burning applications, use a registry cleaner and clean the registry, then doing a fresh install?

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It wont show up in this program group as it belongs to Ahead software “Nero”.
Try doing what platinumsword has suggested and report back.

Try a complete uninstall of Nero and also disable the IMAPI service in your running services in Windows. Then reboot and try to install a newly downloaded copy of dvd shrink, with a fresh exe file.

It would be nice to know how much you have going on with your system because Dvd Shrink is a resource hog.

This worked for me once… Uninstall Nero with Nero clean tool, uninstall shrink…install Nero less InCD then reinstall shrink…that worked for me, you never know!..
sorry xtasydima, didn’t notice your reply, my bad!.. :o