DVDShrink Read Speed



Okay, I don’t know if this really has to do with DVDShrink read speed or my drive, but this is how it works when I’m using DVDShrink only.

When I put an original dvd9 disc in to shrink to a dvd5 sometimes Shrink reads it at 2,000k/b per second or more, sometimes as much as up to 5,000, but then other times it only reads at about 1000 or sometimes as slow as 800!!! What’s the deal? Anyone know?

Why do some read faster then others?


A number of factors -

When it goes as low as 800. It is usually the max smooth AEC causing that. Default AEC will be around 2000-4000 on an average system.

More compression, the slower it takes.

If any audio/subtitles are removed.

If the disc is scratched or dirty then it takes longer.

Also, reading of the DVD is slower than reading of the HDD when using DVD Decrypter to rip.


Thanks for the info. My normal read time is around 1200-1500, so that must be the default for my system. My system isn’t the newest, only P3 and 700MHZ on a Laptop, so that explains it.


That is the reason. I have a Ahtlon XP 2000. Shrink likes processor power.


Yeah, that’s what I figured. Just thought it was odd how some will read at 4,000 though. Far as I know I cannot increase my processor power on a laptop as I think that would involve upgrading to P4 and I’ve been told with laptops what you’ve got, you’re stuck with.


my laptop is dell 600m 1.3GHz Pen. M. I am ripping @ 12000K/s w/o compressing. around 5000/s w/ compressing @ 65%.
I think you need to apply speedpatch. search it.


Well, there again your laptop is far more powerful then mine. So that is probably why you get the performance you do.

Also my laptop is running an external burner off a USB 2.0 connection, I don’t think the USB could take that fast of data transfer, at least not my stupid USB buscard. I have problems with it already when transfering data. And far as I know I cannot speedpatch my dvdrom in my laptop as I have looked into that.