DVDShrink Question



I just used dvdshrink to make a copy of my DVD, I compressed it all and cut out the FBI warnings and crap like that…

I kept the menu but when i play the DVD and it gets to the menu, stays on it playing the background music and when that finishes it flashes to the chapter screens quickly and then the other menu’s that i kept and then finally to the main movie.

Is there any way where i can choose what I want on the DVD menu? Like on the original DVD?


(I haven’t burn to DVD yet, i just played the files off my computer with PowerDVD)


Some Help please, someone must know?


you waited a grand total of 22 minutes before making your second post.

assuming you used the reauthoring function, the menus aren’t supposed to and won’t function correctly afterward. if you want to keep the menu but get rid of the warnings, do a search for “titleset blanker”.