DVDShrink Question



I am wondering I like this program it seems to work all the time except On New Sony Movies.

My question is does anyone know why the burn process only burns at 2x? it takes way too long to make a back up .

Also a side note what siftware will decrypt the new sony dvds?


Dvddecrypter (use file mode) and the latest version of AnyDVD will properly decrypt the new Sony protections.

What drives and media are you using? See if defraging the harddrive helps.


Oh I am using a 16x dvd burner NEC, using 8x media. any suggestions?

whts defragging HD have to do with my Burn speed?


It makes it easier for your computer to access the information on your harddrive, which can speed it up. Heavily fragmented harddrives can take forever to burn CD’s/DVD’s or even do simple tasks because the access and seek times are too high.

Also, see if enabling or disabling dma helps.