DVDShrink Question....PAL to NTSC



I use DVDShrink, AnyDVD and Nero to backup my dvds.

If I put a PAL dvd through DVDShrink and my Nero is set to burn in NTSC, will the conversion be done automatically?



no, i doubt…
what u can do is to patch it, with a softawer called ifoedit.
I would let PAL movie in PAL and buy a PAL/NTSC DVD player.
PAL has a higer definition(580 lines) and have a stream of 2:2 instead of 3:2

get a progressive DVD player, and dont mess with conversion.


Not only that but the frame rates are different, 23 and 29 point something fps for NTSC and 25 for PAL and so some frames would either have to be dropped or created to make it work and this can cause choppy playback.

You would also need a dual format tv to work with a dual format dvd player to play both.