DVDShrink problem

Thanks to help from some of you I downloaded DVDFab free, DVDShrink free, and ImgBurn free. I used DVDFab to rip 3 crypted disks of the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I then used DVDShrink to shrink the files and make a backup disk. I don’t know what program it used to burn the backup disk; I have Windows Media Player, Nero, and now ImgBurn. DVDShrink did not indicate if it was using one of them for a burn program.
Eveything worked fine. I then repeated the process on the 3 disks of the movie Smiley’s People with no problems. Everything went fine.
Today I tried to repeat the same process on another movie, DVDFab works fine, but every time DVDShrink gets about one-third to one-half way on compressing it crashes my computer. It has crashed 3 times. Doesn’t seem to have hurt anything, just will not complete compressing and writing to the new backup disk. Please Help!

Just replied to your message with a pm Capt. Ralls.

Short answer here: try FixVTS on the movie first, before running it through Shrink.

DVD Shrink will use the burning program that [B]you[/B] choose.
Look into Shrink’s settings. it’s most likely using Nero unless you downloaded the modded version of Shrink that will call on ImgBurn.
Either way, posting the burn log would help.
Were there any messages when the program failed?