DVDShrink Problem

Hello all-

I recently tried to burn a DVD using DVDShrink, Nero V, and DVD43.

In DVDShrink, I selected “open disk”, then selected the movie, which I had in my DVD writer drive. It analyzed the movie, then I removed the languages I didnt want, and compressed the special features and menus. I then selected “Backup!”.

This is where I get confused.

After this, I selected the back-up target to be my hard drive. I did this, because I thought that I would be able to just make a copy there, and then once the movie was done copying to my hard drive, I could burn that copy onto a blank that I placed in my dvd drive. However… this is what happened instead…

The movie copied, in about 30 minutes, then encoded in about 35 minutes. After this, it just said "The movie copied successfully, and is now ready to be burned onto a blank disk, and went back to the screen where I could select what scenes, special features, etc I wanted on the burned copy.

I tried to go into Nero and burn that, but I could not, when I went to select the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders for Nero, they were not there under supported audio and visual.

Is it possible, if I put the original movie into my internal DVD (able to read only) drive, and a blank in the external DVD writable drive, for this to work?

Also of note, In DVDShrink, when it asks you to select the target device, the tab that says “burn settings” is all gray, and unselectable, if that means anything. Please help, as I am very frustrated.
Thank you,


probably ur nero accept only ISO file. not sure, but tries this, take back ur 2 files (opened it with DVD shrink), then set to make a ISO file.

DVD shrink, will make a ISO file, then u can burn ur iso file with nero or DVD decrypter (set on ISO write).

if u want save time, decript with DVD decrypter, then shrink with DVD shrink and make a ISO file, then Burn with DVD decripter.

and one suggestion, get a DVD RW at 3-4$, and test first…you will save some DVD+R…!!!