DVDShrink problem with episodic dvd

Just got my drive, things are going swimmingly all day until I popped in Batman The Animated series Disc 1 in dvdshrink. It just lums all episodes up as one big 5gig file. Which is very bad, I thought dvdshrink let you take out what you didnt want. When I right clicked I cant get more info. I want tell dvdshrink to just use episodes 1-3 for this turn and then I do 4-7 on next for perfect backups but I cant seem to find how do that. Guide to split for dvdshrink looks like it was made in 2003 and still says coming soon, so I dont think I can count on that happening. Anyone have guide my chance?
thanks muchly madara

I found re-author but it looks like Im going to lose menus. I guess this is only way thru dvd shrink then? I guess that will do. Some of extras and commentary versions of episode dont play back thru shrink with any sound, hmm.

you can use other programs to blank out what you don’t want before running the dvd through dvdshrink, such as Vob Blanker and TitleSet Blanker.