DVDshrink on Vista



i’ve been digitising some friend’s old home movies and have noticed and issue with DVDshrink and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem before?

DVDshrink refuses to burn to any blank DVD disc (i’ve tried TDK and Verbatim) i put into it. When i try with Nero, it recognises the media and burns as expected.

is this common?

i am using DVDshrink 3.2, Vista Home Premium and Nero 6 (specifically Nero VisionExpress b/c the other apps in the suite don’t seem to work on vista - no worries for me, i only ever used visionexpress! LOL).

edit: sorry, forgot to mention this happens also on the original capture computer (XP SP2, Nero 6, DVDshrink 3.2). both DVD burners are lightscribe capable… never had lightscribe before and also never had problems before!


Did you install Nero or Dvd Shrink first?


DVD Shrink isn’t equipped with a burning engine you of course can set it up to call Nero to burn though.


you will need updated ner0 to work with vista. but i suggest using imgburn. you can get a version of shrink with imgburn hack.


hey thanks!!

uhm, i THINK i installed DVDshrink first… and i suppose that WOULD make some sense, considering it uses Nero burning to do it’s work (which is why i couldn’t understand one working and not the other!) but yes, that makes sense, if i had installed DVDshrink first.

and thanks for the hacked file!

yeah, updating nero means having $$ to do it! soon, my pretties, soon!