DVDShrink Not Recognizning DVD Burner

I had a working setup with DVDShrink and a SOny DRU-800A burner.
I replaced the Sony with a LITEON SHW-160P6S and now DVDShrink
and now DVDShrink only gives me an option to create an ISO or send to
DVD-Decrypter. It used to allow me to backup to my burner.

I have ver 8 of the Liteon firmware ( I applied yesterday) but that did not help. AAny thoughts? Thanks

you need to go to the cd/dvd forum for your drive and get the answers there. those people can point you in right direction

Bull, just uninstall and reinstall Shrink, in some cases also Nero and then it’ll be fine.

Is DVDShrink the only recording program that no longer detects your dvd burner? If it’s not the only one, the problem extends beyond DVDShrink.