DVDshrink multiple copies?

Hi again gang.

I am using DVDshrink to copy a small dvd slideshow I made with Nero Vision.

Is there a way to burn more than one copy wihout inserting the original dvd in and starting the process over?

I cant seem to figure it out


Shrink can create an ISO for you. That can be burned with most anything. But since you already have Nero, why not use that to burn multiple copies? Nero will also copy a DVD, creating an image on HD that you can use over and over.

thanks for the quick reply!

Please read through this, its the reason I am not using Nero Vision.


I did try creating the iso image, but I cant bring it up in Nero Burning ROM for some reason so Im doing something wrong there. Maybe I didnt really make an iso image I have tried so many things I forget lol

I know shrink is actually using Nero to burn this with, but as you can see I really dont know whats going on in the background. Bottom line, its working for me and I need to get this done before christmas. I have tried using Nero burning ROM but havent figured it out. Kinda long story really dont want to bore you with it.

I just need to know if I can setup shrink so I can just hammer out several copies at a time. Or if Nero can do it simply Im not gettting how to do it.

Put in your original DVD, then open Nero and select “DVD Copy” in the "new compilation dialog. There are additional options there for whether to create an image file and whether to save the image file. Then you simply select the number of copies you want to run and you’re good to go. With one drive, the image option is necessary. (and is also preferred even if you have 2 drives)

Likewise, you can use Nero’s “Image recorder” to create either a Nero image or an ISO image, saving that to use to burn multiple discs, using Nero’s “burn image” function.

Hey thanks for the tips.

I ended up getting them done with DVDshrink before CDan’s reply.

But I did try to do it your way step by step. I get an error during the reading process it says error reading data reading disc failed
But I can open it fine with win exp, etc.

I dunno