DVDShrink Movie's Lose some frames?

When I use DVDShrink to rip and burn a movie, sometimes the copy wont be complete like missing scene or parcel scene’s. What am I doing Wrong? I did backup of The Notebook and lost fifteen min. of the movie!

Crappy media. Spend more $ on quality media. Also try 4X burn speed.

I use Fujifilm(ty) 8X R+ media, My drive is a NEC3520a(fw 1.25) and burns this media at 16X.

Try the media’s rating 8X. You probably burnt it SO FAST that some of the frames didn’t have time to jump on. :wink:

I’ve burned dozens of movies with dvdshrink/dvdcrypter, and haven’t had a bad one yet. Use good media, and burn at or near the rated speed.

did 50 movies with DVD shrink, no problem at all.
I suggest u to not play on your PC when encripting, use good media, and do some test with a DVD+RW to save some coasters…

good luck!