DVDShrink--movie freeze



Hey there,

FIrst off, I’m a noob when it comes to burning movies…I’m using DVDshrink to rip and burn/backup my movies to dvd. The process runs through without a hitch.

When I playback the movies, 99% of them stop or freeze up about halfway through. I’m using decent media (maxell dvd+/-), and I’ve tried the burned disks on both my home dvd player, as well as my player on my PC. Interestingly, it doesn’t always freeze at the same place. “Around” the same place…but not exactly.

Any thoughts how I might fix this issue? Should I use some other software to burn? Use DVDshrink to copy…and Nero to burn?




Burn at 4X. Are those Maxell made in Taiwan?


Actually I have the same problem but I first used DVDFab express to decrypt it and then used Shrink to burn it but the two movies I have burned both have that same problem and i’m not sure how they got messed up like that?


Very simple if it’s low quality media you could expect playback problems!


“Decent media”…well, it sounds like it is your media at fault here. What is your burner? Is it a new burner? At what speed were you burning? What is your setup? What is the mediaID of your Maxell +/- DVDs? If you don’t know what a mediaID is then click on this link to find out:

If you have Nero, you can use the Nero CD-DVD speed program to get the mediaID as well. Are the Maxell’s made in Japan or in Taiwan? If you continue to have problems, I’d go out and find some better and more reliable media like Sony DVD+R 1-8X Made in Japan media and try them since they’re Taiyo Yuden discs and are reputably one of the best, if not the best DVD media out there.


I’m having the same problem and need to finish some experimenting but any additional ideas would be awesome !


Use good media . Verbatim or TY.
If you must use DVDShrink( pretty old & not updated) & you are ripping new DVD’s it is probably not correctly decrypting them. It may or may not work with AnyDVD or DVDFab Passkey lite.
Also if you are using it’s stock burner (DVDDecrypter ) It is also not updated. Get the version with ImgBurn. If you want it all automatic.
My personal preference is to rip to the harddrive .
Then burn that to disc with ImgBurn seperately.
Try 8x or 6x for the write speed.
See if you don’t get better writes(burns).


Cholla has hit on the major points. As a general rule, when you get freezes in movie playback you are experiencing issues in the dvd disk itself. You either have a poor quality disk, a bad burn or a combination of the two. Some disks don’t match up very well to certain burners either.

We recommend Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim (with AZO on the label) because they have proved to be reasonably consistent in quality and have excellent support in the firmware of most dvd burners. You can find them online at sites like rima.com, supermediastore.com and even Amazon. If going to the trouble of ordering online, I’d recommend the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks, and burn them at their nominal speed of 8x.

DVDShrink is not a very good decryption program anymore. It will only work for those movies with simple CSS encryption. Any kind of structural protection will cause issues, from complete failure to decrypt to partial decryption, which really messes things up when trying to compress and playback. It is still a fairly good transcoder for compression, though you shouldn’t push any transcoder very far when reducing the size of dvd movies.

I suggest you get a free, modern decryption program like DVDFab HD Decrypter, or BDLot DVD ISO Master. DVDFab HD Decrypter is a section within DVDFab. It will continue to function as a decryption/ripping program even after the trial for DVDFab expires. It has no compression capabilities, but you can use DVDShrink on the files it produces. The only caveat to be aware of with this decrypter is that it will lag behind the commercial version on updates, so it may not work with the very newest releases.

BDLot DVD ISO Master is completely free, but it will decrypt and rip the dvd movie to the hard drive in the form of an ISO file. DVDShrink can open ISO files directly (click Ctrl I once you’ve started Shrink) and can output as regular dvd video. If the ISO is already small enough without compression, you could burn it straight to a disk with ImgBurn.

We recommend ImgBurn for most any burning tasks you need.

And another thing to consider. Compression with a transcoder is a quick and dirty method, which doesn’t work well once you need a lot of compression to fit onto a single layer dvd. I suggest trying DVDRebuilder, which comes with an excellent mpeg2 encoder called HCenc. There is a free version of DVDRebuilder. You’ll find it produces superior quality output, especially on larger dvds. The only difference is that it will take a bit longer than a transcoder like Shrink.