DVDShrink Minimum Quality?

Ok, basically I occasionally want to backup a movie completely (with nothing removed), but then the video quality goes down to 48%, In DVDShrink it wont let the quality go any lower so it will fit to a DVD-5, I am aware the quality is poor, but to me it doesn’t matter that much as I only have a 30" TV, and so it looks ok.

At the moment I have to use the trial of CloneDVD as this doesn’t have a minimum quality, so my question is,
is there a way to get DVDShrink to compress lower than 50%?


Ben :slight_smile:

Remove the DTS audio if available.

I can remove parts, but sometimes I like to have everything there, but then shrink wont let the quality go low enough.

Ben :slight_smile:

Remove the DTS audio if available.

if ya have a good audio-system @ home, this might be the worst you can do!
dts sounds sooo good… i’d never remove it (as i’ve got a complete dts-compatible surround system @ home)…

I dont want to remove anything, I want the DVD exactly as the original, but with lower video quality, problem is DVDShrink caps the minimum, and I wondered if there was a way to let it go lower than 50%.

For example at the moment I am trying to get i-Robot down to DVD-5, I ripped the files to my hard drive with DVDDecrypter, and then fully anylised it in DVDShrink, as you can see, it wont go low enough to fit on a DVD-5.

Ben :slight_smile:

Run it through shrink twice.

I tried that, but then it looks awfull quality, worse than CloneDVD.

The sonic improvement between DTS and Dolby Digital is a matter of personal preferences. Under critical controlled tests, I could detect the two.

The primary goal of all shrink proggies is to provide the best possible picture at a given compression. Since you don’t care about picture quality, you may have to write your own software.

I would give other paids software a try. The most elegant solution is to split the movie. I know…can’t afford the $ or too lazy to switch disc.

I might look around the registery or settings of DVDShrink for settings.

Ben :slight_smile:

Exit the AUTOMATIC mode. This may allow you to compress more than 50%.

undo all the audio except DTS.
AC3 5.1 is fine.
If you wanna do compression that low then you might as well use an app like Canopus or TMPG,you can adjust the bitrate to whatever you want.Picture will look like S*** though.For that matter you should do the DIVX thing.For me,anything below 70%,I can tell.

You might gain a little quality for the main movie, very small though, if you compress the menus/extra/unreference to the custom lowest rate.

BTW, what are the unreferenced? if it cannot be played from standalone, why bother and not blank?

Just tested Die Hard 2 with latest Shrink 3.2. In FULL DISC mode with AUTOMATIC setting, I see 48.2% video quality (set to fit a DVD-5…or 4464 MB on the right side of the green horizontal bar). You have tweaked the setting to 4574.

Shrinks PERMITS the user to compress by more than 50%. Remove/reload Shrink and use the default settings. This is a case of operator error.

ben goto edit preferences and select the settings like in attachment.

I always wonder if there is a theoretical limit on compression level of transcoding. What I mean, can we say that for I, Robot shrink just cannot do better than 53%, no way no how? or this is wrong assumption, i.e. “if you want to transcode to 0 bitrate, go ahead, don’t blame me for looking at black screen”.

overburn the DVD :wink:

Ok, I tried running it through DVDShrink 2-times, with a quality of 48%, the quality looks pretty good :slight_smile:





I believe it’s a configuration issue with the I ROBOT example. The 53% number is video quality. Actual compression is only 100-53 or 47% with I ROBOT. My Die Hard 2 example shows a video quality of 48%, or 52% compression.

I believe the latest Shrink does not set a lower compression limit.

I have this weird problem with the 2th DVD of Seven Samurai:

It refuses to accept a compression lower then 99,1% :frowning:

DVD1 goes until 47,2%, but toghetter it is not enough to fit both on one DVD… (using reauthor)

I already tried recreating the ifo’s of DVD2 with ifo edit, but even then it still refuses to go under 99,1%

anyone have idea how to force this?

no one knows another way to get these 2 DVDs on 1 DVD?