DVDShrink Memory Problem


I am backing up a copy of one of my kids movies (they usually don’t last too long) and am having an issue with DVDShrink.

Now, I ripped with DVD Decrypter first, and I was shrinking to an ISO that I was going to burn with Decrypter as well. I have done this many times, and it usually works perfectly.

This time, DVDShrink says I ran out of memory. I have 8 GB set aside as virtual memory. Now, the memory usage jumped quickly from about 350MB of usage (commit charge) to about 1 GB, and then to around 1.5 GB after completing about 1/3 of the movie. After about 10 more minutes, it stopped… I didn’t get the total memory when the backup stopped.

Now, the question is: Is this a) a bug in Shrink, b) some new copy protection scheme designed to fool Shrink while encoding, c) Some limitation in Shrink to some maximum usable memory size, or something else entirely?


Because DVD Decrypter and DvDShrink are no longer updated, they will have troubles handling the new copy protections. One must use a program like AnyDvD in conjuction with one of these programs while making the image to remove the latest protections. So if you stay with your method you will be fine as long as you have AnyDvD running in the background when you make your first image.

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I think that it disks with macrovision ripguard have been having this problem for people. The latest version of clone dvd seems to do fine, and the latest version of anydvd is suposed to fix this happening in nero, so I’m guessing that it might work in shrink. I have used vob blanker to get past one movie with this problem, and I think I heard that dvd fab decryptor has a fix for it too. Fyi dvd fab decryptor and vob blanker are free if you would like to try them and see if they help. clonedvd and anydvd have a free trial.