DVDShrink is no more? *Forum update*

I just posted the article DVDShrink is no more? Forum update.

 jab1981 used our news submit to tell us "It appears that DVDShrink has finally been taken down.  After losing DVD Decrypter, this is devastating blow."                  Even though  this program...
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Bit weird they take all the freeware off that fast…and when we pay for it…most seems allowed

Well, you can’t expect freeware offerings to buck the system without a source for an income even.
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I believe Shrink was incorporated into Nero awhile ago as Nero Recode. I’m actually surprised that the site stayed up for as long as it did considering the circumstances. Doesn’t bother me since I’ve been using Nero for ages :stuck_out_tongue:

Well its still at http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/ for now!

:c :c :c :c I’ll never be hole again :c :c :c :c
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This bites :c

Does any one know if he was approached or he just gave it up as it hasnt been updated in a long time??

I personally use ratDVD now so if DVDShrink was to go, it went away without leaving a hole in my cool software list.

Nero Recode is a clone like one - almost the same. I used DVDShrink and find quality is just that bit better with the Adaptive Error Correction.

i know, but i mean…the people (miaa?) seem to be selective in what they attack.

dvdshrink programmer works for Nero now if i am correct. Glad he can continue his work there…for now.

DVDShrink really doesn’t need to be updated any more. Its’ core functionality still works great: It can shrink DL DVD Video files to fit on a SL disc. Even if it can’t handle the newer or upcoming copy protections, you can always rip with another more updated program and then shrink the decrypted files on your hard disk. DVDFabDecrypter + DVDShrink is a good rip+transcode combination at the moment.

Areku the webmaster and hoster of dvdshrink.org posted in the forums a little while ago I recomend that everybody read it. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1088995&postcount=22

probably because of ahead, a maker of nero burning rom

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet… but ya, dvd shrink is pretty good on its own, just need it ported to every other system.:B

Right on the front page of this site it says that dvdshrink has been updated.