DVDShrink in combination with Instantcopy 7.1.1




to get good transcoding result (good quality) i use InstantCopy 7.1.1 (look for test results here: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/114 ) Disadvantage of IC is that you can’t leave the menu’s out :frowning:

So this is the method I thought up. Please tell me what you think:

First decrypt DVD (with AnyDVD or DVDDecrypter, you know the drill…)

Then use DVDShrink and click " re-author". Use only the main movie, usually one file. And use “no compression” this is important. You can leave out the soundtracks and subtitles that you do not want.

Then click back-up, the back-up will usually be bigger than 4.3GB, that’s ok!

When DVDShrink is ready, you have a movie-only DVD.

Then startup IC 7.1.1 and use this movie-only DVD as “source”. The bit of transcoding that is needed to fit on 1 DVD is done by InstantCopy (best transcoding engine!)

The result is a movie-only DVD with very good quality.



But are you sure you can’t omit the menus in IC?

What if you clear the topmost checkbox, which then clears everything else, including the menus, and then click just the main title? Won’t that leave you in ‘movie only’ mode?

I haven’t done this, so without further testing I can’t be sure, but looks as if it might do the trick.



if you uncheck the uppermost checkbox and then check only the first title, the uppermost checkbox is automatically checked again :frowning: Hence the menu’s are always included.


Good idea but…

Wait until the official launch of IC 8 and you might not want to go through all of that is all I will say. :wink:



Not on my version…



Yep, my bad, you’re right!

But there is something strange…

I had Spider-man DVD ripped to my HD. When is first use DVDshrink to take only the main movie, then I get a mainmovie only DVD that fits onto 1 DVD-R or DVD+R. No compression is needed.

When I only check the checkbox for the main movie in InstantCopy I have to compress for 7% :confused: