DVDShrink Help.Please!It's Driving me Nuts

Hello to Whoever may help…

Now I Have Used DVDShrink for about a year and a half, about the same time I purchased this DVD burner, I Used to be able to burn/backup DVD’s with No Problem. but Now When I Burn them VIA - DVDShrink, the Final process of putting it on a Blank DVD - I Use Verbatim, WON’T Work???
It was no problem for a long time, then it became a hit n miss scenario & situation, Now it’s Just a situation where the Blank DVD just continuosly spins and nothing gets transfered onto it via DVDShrink,Why is this???

Now If I can go on a bit. I Can however take SAID movie that would’nt burn onto blank media via DVDShrink, but is Now on a file on my hard drive called, say Backup 1, and Later Use DVDShrink to put it on another file called SAY, Backup 2, THEN when that process is done, I CAN then Use DVDDecryptor to BURN it onto the Blank DVD!!! Yes I Prompted the DVDDecryptor burn option after my dvdshrink frustrations, Why is this???

a Bit more Info for ya if I can. Choices in the Burning in the. Select BackUp Target, ARE as listed, Burn with Nero: And Below it is My Burners Name to Choose as a Target, or the other 2 Choice Options are AS followed,

Create ISO Image File: ISO Image File OR ISO Image File and Burn With DVDDectyptor -Which When I Chose It as my choice, WORKS Along with DVDShrink to burn a DVD.

THE Last option in the Select Target Option. Is , Create DVD Files: and the only choice their IS. Create DVD Files.

So What am I doing wrong, did I change something unknowingly?? is it the burner possibly?? I Don’t know, I am at my wits end, can someone please help Me?? HEH i’m begging ya, please!!!


Do you have a good copy of Nero on your computer? I got several burn failures after my Nero trail period had expired…

I’ve Got the software on the computer that came with the Burner. I have not to this date, used anything but Roxio and if I’m correct?? came with my cd burner that came with the computer…

I Later bought the dvdburner. I’ve NEVER used nero!!!, I’ve just brought up dvdshrink and went thru the steps I always had done before to burn/backup a DVD. I have used DVDdecryptor when dvdshrink could take encryption off, I then finished with dvdshrink…

BTW is my description above of my problem, understandable?? to those in the know. I tried to be precise…


You are doing OK! My DVD Shrink engine uses Nero to burn the disk. Download Nero trial at http://ww2.nero.com/enu/index.html

Thank You for responding Lester. Lester I Have Nero on my computer, which was installed before I did anything with my dvd burner I purchased 1 1/2 ago, So Do I need to upgrade from the above links you posted???

HEH If ya could, just explain it a slight bit more to me, ie the software and what you think the problem may be…

Thanks Lester…


DVD Shrink by itself is not a burning program it just rip, encode and shrinks the file, then if you have Nero Burning ROM automatically DVD Shrink connect the Nero Burning ROM to the ripped file and sends the command to burn the file. If you do not have Nero Burning ROM or DVD Shrink is not activating Nero then the burning process will not be started,vIn such case you have to manually selected the ripped file and burn it with one of the burning program that is available to you.

I Just looked and Nero IS enabled?? Can I Check anything else?? I Know dvddecrytor burns once dvdshrink encodes…


Tell us what version of Nero are you using.

Looking it up. I Believe it seays NERO OEM it also has Nero Express 6

Does that Help??

As far as I know Nero OEM or Nero Express don’t have Nero Burning ROM that is why you not getting burning process. Try to download the full version of Nero 7 or install it and try that with Shrink see if the problem would resolved and report back to this forum.

May I ask why I could for the longest time but Can’t as of late?? I’ve backed up a LOT of movies with dvdshink, a Lot!!!


If that is the case which you are claiming then restore your system to pre-date of this problem and try the DVDShrink to see if that would solved the problem.

Their is a better/different way of burning and using Shrink.
Go here and read: .
It incorporates ImgBurn and Shrink to automatically open and burn your disc after Shrink is finished making an ISO.
Rather than the AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS files that you are used to, it makes an ISO.
BTW: Image Burn was written by the the same guy, Lightning UK, that wrote DVD Decrypter.
Hope this helps.