DVDshrink freezing with XP

Hello all
I recently installed dvdshrink it worked fine for a few days
then causes xp to freeze i reformated three times and each time the same thing happens after a few days windows will freeze sometimes during the analysis sometimes during the encoading.
I’ve tried ripping with dvdecrypter first but when dvdshrink tries to encode them files the same thing happens it will freeze.
After the last format i had minimal software installed have tried it with the windows updates and without, have defraged, tried it with and without updated drivers for fx5200 video card, have tried a few different versions same thing. I really like this program when it’s working properly it’s a great little free program.
Anyone out there having this or resolved this problem.
Thanks Guys hope someone can advise me

I have DVD shrink , but I am not sure why this is happening to your PC. I think it is to do with Microsoft Window Update. It has a sercurity file which makes this happen. I am not 100% right. Would you know where I can get Double Sided Dual Layer Blank DVD from?

So you completely reformatted your HD 3 times? Is your HD formated for NTFS? Have you tried D/L the latest DVD Shrink from a different source? (there are several sources at the DVDShrink.org site). Is it possible that your HD is failing?

Thanks for the replys guys
yes i’m formatted NTFS my system is relitivly new p-4 3.0
120 gig hd 512 ram pioneer dvd burn
All other programs work fine even burnning programs EG:dvd2one dvdcrypter
nero, It’s just dvdshrink thats screwing up, Yeh ive tried lots of different versions shrink ones that work fine on friends pc’s but fail on mine.

As for the blanks i’ve no idea sorry.

Have you installed sp2?

I have the same problem. DVDshrink freezes forcing me to reset my machine. It only freezes during deep analysis or backup. Once in a while it freezes when making an initial scan of a DVD. DVD decrypter works flawlessly but it uses the Microsoft SPTI interface. I have tried ripping with DVD decrypter and reauthoring with DVDshrink and it still freezes when performing a deep analysis or during backup. This seems strange since I am only reading and writing to the hard drive during this process as it is using an ISO file on the hard drive. Some other forums have stated that this problem is due to a buggy video driver. But I have installed three different versions of ATI’s drivers (4.1,4.3,4.9) from my video card vendor with no success.

I’m experiencing the same problem with Shrink, It has worked flawlessy for over a year now and I have backed up heaps of discs using it. I always rip the discs using DeCrypter or Fab DeCrypter then Shrink to fit using DVD Shrink. I have extensively adjusted reinstalled defragged everything I can think of. Installed different Graphics drivers you name it I’ve tried it. It freezes the whole PC forcing me to reset. It freezes at different percentages of deep analysis and also has frozen during the Encoding process. It seems to me this problem is too hard for anyone to resolve as this forum has not been active since late 2004. Looking for anyone who has solved this problem

Dvd Shrink is a resource hog, it wants everything you have & then some. When you are in backup, do you have the preview box, checked or unchecked?

Yes, if it happens during analysis/encoding then check your CPU temperature, as these run at 100% CPU load.

Hi, I’m also having this problem. It’s beginning to drive me insane.
I use a HP dvd 840 lightscribe. Always has worked perfectly before but now it gets hung up when I go to backup and the only way to close it is to reboot.

Thanks for the response “beef barley”. As I said I’ve tried everything, Yes I have the Preview box unchecked. I didn’t think CPU temperature would be an issue but I’ll look into it.

My system is a AMD Athlon 2400+, 1Gb Ram, 2x 120GB IDE HDD, I have very few other tasks running in the background only what would be considered normal like Norton Anti Virus NortonSystem Doctor. As I said Shrink has worked flawlessly for over a year now and this problem manifested itself about 3 months ago, at first intermittently now it has just become intolerable. I’m at the point where I’m about to reformat and reinstall XP Professional, but a solution to the problem would be good as this PC has been rock solid stable.

I’m convinced that there is a bug in Shrink which appears after so many DVD’s have been ripped. I’ve spent hours on the web looking for a solution and it seems I’m not the only person that’s come across this problem.

I’m not sure it can be an issue with CPU temperature although it has turned very warm and humid here lately. Most of my DVD backups are done overnight, during Winter I experienced the problem also. The PC I use for ripping DVD’s is located in the Garage (no heating), so during Winter it was nice and cool in there.

Please run by me any further suggestions just in case I’ve not tried it.

I’m convinced that there is a bug in Shrink which appears after so many DVD’s have been ripped. I’ve spent hours on the web looking for a solution and it seems I’m not the only person that’s come across this problem.

I can assure you this is not the case.

As you are not doing much, like surfing etc, while you are burning, have you tried it with some of those processes shut down like your anti-virus etc?

I know I havent surfed or anything while burning and yes I have turned off my anti-virus and stuff while trying to burn. I have reinstalled both the burner and dvd shrink, I even turned off my fire wall to attempt it, and disabled my internet in My Network places to try it. It still hangs right before burning.

Thanks “beef barley” I have disabled everything and to no avail the same thing happens. It is not consistent where is freezes either. I actually got to 84% into the deep analysis on one occasion. It has frozen as early as 6% and mainly around 24% to 59%. I even re-ripped the DVD using DVDFab DeCrypter and it still freezes in exactly the same manner. On some occasions with other DVD’s it has stalled during the encoding process. I guess I was clutching at straws thinking Shrink had a bug in it, needless to say I’d still like to know what’s causing the problem, as it’s npt the first time I’ve experienced this phenomenon. It happened over a year ago and I did a clean install of Xp to solve it I guees I’m going down that path again.