DVDshrink error I/O device error

Was backing up Kung Fu Hustle, and went to open shrink 3.2.15 and it starts opening it but at 50 seconds it freezes and says the request could not be preformed because of an I/O error.

any suggestions?

ANYDVD is open and read fine.

I usually make an ISO file and then write with CloneDVD2

any other suggestions are appreciated.

Please describe the error more.

I burn my DVDs like this:
First, I decrypt them with DVD Decrypter.
Then, I Burn them with DVD Shrink.

How are you decryting the newly copy protected DVD’s …now that DVD Decrypter is o longer being updated ?? Is there a new free shareware that exists that meets or surpasses DVD Decrypter ?? …if so, where an we get it ? Thanks !

Use Anydvd with DVD Decrypter
Imgburn for burn (only supports VIdeo_TS for layer break)

Thats what i do

Sounds just like either broken source disc, or Copy-protection.