DVDShrink episodic burning

I have read the guide on using DVDShrink to put multiple episodes from separate DVDs onto one DVD. But I still have a question.
With the guide, the person had multiple drives, however, I only have two drives, on that I use to read the DVD and one to write the dvd. In the guide, it is said that I must keep the DVD that has the episodes that I want to copy in the drive. However, if I have multiple disks, I need to remove the disks to put new ones in.

How can I make an episodic DVD from say three separate dvds? In this case, I am trying to back-up episodes from Smallville season 1, but it has 4 disks, with 4 episodes on each disk. I want to basically shrink this down to 2 disks, instead of 4. Is this possible using just one DVD reader, and one DVD burner?


If you have enough disk space. Rip the three DVD’s using DVD Decrypter to the HDD. Then use Shrink to create a new DVD from the three DVD’s.

Hey- I just burned two disks with episodes into my c:. They are ISO files, however, when I try to burn them using Nero, it does not recognize the files as ISO’s and I cannot burn them- is there any way that I can burn these files?

Ok, I got it working, I used shrink and selected “open images”. However, the tow dont fit onto the disk. Each, even when initially compressed using shrink are still about 2,700 mb.

Is there a way to compress the titles more, either when I rip them using shrink, or after, when selecting using re-author mode with shrink?

I dont have Decrypter, and if there is a way to fit both disks onto one dvd using shrink I would rather do that instead of installing decrypter. If not, and decrypter can do it, I will download it.

Thanks for the help

Dude, install DVD Decrypter. It’s the most handy tool there is!

So I can use decrypter to further compress the movies so that they fit onto a dvd?


Sorry, that’s not what I meant. DVDD doesn’t compress, but it is an awesome ripper/burner with many, many handy features related to those processes.